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Interview with Anne Borden King

"I think the first advice that I give any activist is that if you have no hope, you have no movement. So you have to have hope…[and] say thank you to fellow activists for what they're doing, because 99% of what we do is for free."

Anne Borden King

Interview date: July 13, 2023

Interviewer: Casey E. Ovella Davis

Runtime: 01:06:34

Interview with Anne Borden King, a person whose dedicated interests include Autistic advocacy (more details below), rocks, shells, leaves, cats, traveling, hiking & swimming. Among her many projects, in 2017, Anne co-founded Canada's autistic-led advocacy group Autistics for Autistics, with Rishav Banerjee, Gaby, Talia Johnson and Bridget Liang. Anne lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a dual Canadian/American citizen. Anne became aware of her Autistic identity at age 6.

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Canada's autistic-led advocacy organization co-founded by Anne Borden King,  Rishav Banerjee, Gaby, Talia Johnson and Bridget Liang. Some of their work includes:

A podcast created and hosted by Anne Borden King about neurodiversity and human rights.

A coalition of parents, teachers, support workers, therapists, autistic & intellectually disabled people working to BAN seclusion (isolation) rooms in all classrooms in Canada.

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