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We are grateful to our collaborators for helping make this project possible!
If you or your organization is interested in partnering with the
Autistic Voices Oral History Project, please reach out

The Library of Congress

The United States Library of Congress' American Folklife Center (AFC) has accepted a first batch of interviews already conducted, and we intend to continue depositing future batches with them. Preserving these stories at AFC will ensure that they are available to future researchers for posterity. The American Folklife Center (AFC) documents and shares the many expressions of human experience to inspire, revitalize, and perpetuate living cultural traditions. 

Association of Moving Image Archivists

The Association of Moving Image Archivists is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of audiovisual archiving, preservation, and management, with a commitment to cultivating an environment in which a multiplicity of voices are sought, listened to, and respected. AMIA's Oral History Committee and Accessibility Committee have offered feedback and guidance on our methodology and outreach strategy, and AMIA currently serves as our fiscal sponsor.


Invisible Heroes Productions

Invisible Heroes Productions is a Nashville-based, neurodivergent owned video and audio production company. Led by Danny Nagy and Aidan Molina, Invisible Heroes collaborates with us by providing post-production and technical support for our video and audio interviews and closed captions.

Colorful Lights

The invitation to be interviewed for Autistic Voices is now open!

Please complete the Google form linked below, and we will follow up with more information and to schedule your interview. Thank you for your interest and willingness to share your story!

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