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Our Team

Who We Are


Casey E. Ovella Davis

Founder and Co-Lead

Casey E. Ovella Davis is an archivist and memory worker with a passion for audiovisual preservation and oral history. Two years after becoming aware of her autistic identity at the age of 33 and finding a dedicated interest in all things autism-related, Casey decided in 2023 to bring her experience and passion in memory work to create the Autistic Voices Oral History Project. Casey is an active member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, having served on its board from 2017-2019 and currently serving as Co-Chair and Co-Founder of the AMIA Accessibility Committee. Casey's dedicated interests include autism and neurodiversity, her blue heeler/pit bull mixes Remy and Opal, reading everything her dad has ever written over and over again, singing karaoke alone at her apartment, mountain biking, weightlifting, and collecting embroidered patches.

Sam Rhoades Fleishman


Sam Rhoades Fleishman (she/they) is a writer, researcher and performer with a passion for multimedia storytelling and disability advocacy. Sam contributes interviewing, project management, and editing expertise, alongside a personal interest in social science journalism to The Autistic Voices Oral History Project. Sam was professionally identified as autistic at the age of 24, which inspired an on-going educational pursuit of autism and neurodiversity. Currently, Sam works in autism research, where she brings her lived experience as a late-diagnosed autistic individual to the field. Sam is a proud member of the queer community, a lover of antiques and vintage clothing, and a devoted cat parent to her beloved orange tabby, Anouk.

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Colorful Lights

The invitation to be interviewed for Autistic Voices is now open!

Please complete the Google form linked below, and we will follow up with more information and to schedule your interview. Thank you for your interest and willingness to share your story!

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