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The Autistic Voices Oral History Project

The Autistic Voices Oral History Project records, collects, preserves, and makes publicly accessible the personal stories and lived experiences of Autistic people spanning a broad range of experiences, intersectional identities and perspectives. The project records interviews (video, audio or written testimonies) for long-term preservation with a trusted archival repository partner and makes interviews available online to the extent permitted by interviewees. Eventually, the project will also aggregate, curate and preserve other existing interviews and audiovisual materials (videos, podcasts, etc.) with Autistic people for preservation and access through the central repository. The project will facilitate the use of the collection by the Autistic community for advocacy and education, as well as by scholars, educators and the public, for the purposes of research, teaching, learning, and increasing public awareness and understanding about the Autistic experience. 

Colorful Lights

The invitation to be interviewed for Autistic Voices is now open!

Please complete the Google form linked below, and we will follow up with more information and to schedule your interview. Thank you for your interest and willingness to share your story!

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