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Interview with Katie York,
The Distracted Autistic

"Before realizing that I was Autistic, I didn't necessarily feel like I had a place in the disability community. I always felt supportive and wanted to learn but never really did a whole lot with disability justice advocacy... so being able to kind of tap into some of those groups has been really helpful both for me to learn but also for me to feel like I have been able to make a difference and advocate for others. But also, again, to learn from others and to amplify others whose voices or typing may not have necessarily been heard or read."

Katie York,
The Distracted

Interview date: June 28, 2023

Interviewer: Casey E. Ovella Davis

Runtime: 01:22:05

Interview with Katie York, The Distracted Autistic, a person whose dedicated interests include crafting (primarily fiber arts like knitting and embroidery); nature (such as house plants, gardening, plant and mineral identification; stargazing); neurodivergency (primarily autism & ADHD); community organizing, social justice, and advocacy work. Katie is founder of Harford County Neurodivergents in Maryland. They have worked for the past decade in community college workforce training programs and became aware of their Autistic identity at age 33.

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