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Interview with Osnat Katz Moon

“We might all be united by our neurotype, but we still have differences amongst ourselves and it's good to interrogate that and just spend time having a think about how your identity as an Autistic person interacts with other facets of your life.”

Osnat Katz Moon

Interview date: June 11, 2023

Interviewers: Casey E. Ovella Davis & Sam Fleishman

Runtime: 01:28:32

Interview with Osnat Katz Moon, a person whose dedicated interests include physics, maths, early music, Baroque music, learning new languages, cats, and autism. They are a Ph.D. candidate at University College London and are currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Other notable aspects of their identity include that they are an immigrant/expat, multilingual and Jewish. They questioned whether they were Autistic since childhood, followed by a diagnosis at age 21.

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