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Interview with Martina Kuzenski

“Something I want to see is more representation of successful Black people who are Autistic, because with the exception of a couple of people, it seems like all the successful Autistic people are white men...representation matters, and if they don't see someone like themselves, will they think they can even be successful?”

Martina Kuzenski

Interview date: August 7, 2023

Interviewer: Casey E. Ovella Davis

Runtime: 01:47:23

Interview with Martina "Marti" Kuzenski, a person whose dedicated interests are anything medical and religions that are not Judeo-Christian. Martina is based in Maryland and has a Master's degree in Computer Science. She has worked in IT since 2015 and is co-author of the book Ladies in Tech: Sharing Expertise for a Successful Career. In her interview, she discusses her interest in religions, her career in technology, and her experiences as a Black woman who is also Autistic. She became aware of her Autistic identity around age 26/27.

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