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Interview with Jessielea,
The Inclusionist

“Diabetes was the kick up the butt, the catalyst that changed the direction that I was on and then these other diagnoses have just led to more self-care, which has led to more grounding and more understanding and edging towards that quiet, boring life that I was always meant to have.”

The Inclusionist

Interview date: July 2, 2023

Interviewer: Casey E. Ovella Davis

Runtime: 01:27:46

Interview with Jessielea, The Inclusionist, a person whose dedicated interest is Authentic Inclusion. Jessielea is an Autistic Diabetic, an out-of-home care leaver, and a "certified statistic smasher." They are based in Melbourne, Australia and are a disability support worker currently studying for their master of social work degree. They discuss how their neurodivergence has impacted their job history, relationships, addiction and oral health. Their Facebook page is They became aware of their Autistic identity around age 35 and were professionally identified at age 37.

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